4 Secrets Of Creating Winning Explainer Videos To Drive Sales

Are you struggling to drive sales? As you know, your business profitability lies in your ability to attract customers and convincing them to buy your products. Attracting alone without sales is not enough. It is like having a million window shoppers without any of them making a purchase. Will this be worth for your business?

When it comes to online shopping the ability to drive sales lies in the technique you use to convince your target customers. Having an explainer video is one of these tactics. Nevertheless, not all explainers lead to conversion or sales. You might have the best videos, yet you are making few or zero sales. To help you in solving that problem, there are secrets of creating a winning explainer video that will make your products move faster:

Let your video be a story, not a sales pitch

People love making their buying decision without being told to buy a product. They need the information to decide whether the product is worth it or not. One reason for creating an explainer video is to educate your potential customers about your products and giving them a reason to own them. In this essence, you need to employ the storytelling approach in explaining to them what the content of your products is.

Avoid telling them to buy rather give them a reason for it. Remember, you are not presenting a sales ad or clip. You are presenting an explainer whose purpose is to inform and educate customers. Hence, you need to give your product story but not in a sales approach.

Link your narrative to the customers’ needs and desires

The reason why a customer purchases a product or a service is to meet a certain need or desire. Hence, customers will always go for products that relate or promise to fulfill them. When crafting your explainer videos, you need to put this aspect into account. Before embarking on the video crafting journey, ensure you have performed a critical analysis of your customer needs and desires.

After this, you can go on to incorporate them into your videos matching each of them with a feature or a benefit of your products. Thus, you should always link your explainer videos narrative and customers’ needs and desires for you to stand out.

Make your explainers short

Would you take 1 hour to watch a video explaining a given product? Even if it is full of fun, it will bore you at a given point. Unless you are making a movie, explainer videos should be short. Particularly, a 30-90 seconds video is the best for this purpose.

Remember, people do not have a whole day to watch your videos. Also, you need to realize that visitors only spend less than 2 minutes on your site. Thus, you must maximize this duration and make the best pitch that will make the customers take action or bookmark your site for a future reference.

Make them fun, entertaining, and memorable

Smiling is not just a natural way of showing happiness. Rather it is a sign of satisfaction and enjoyment. When a customer leaves your in-store or online store with a smile, you are sure of a future sale. One way of delivering a smile to your customers is by uploading fun and entertaining explainer videos. Everyone loves fun and being entertained.

Incorporating the two aspects make your website a memorable option. As you know a happy customer is easier to convince than a disappointed one. Hence, you should always aim at putting a smile on-site visitors through uploading fun-full and entertaining explainer videos.

And those are some of the top secrets you can use to make explainer videos to drive super sales in your e-commerce business. Try them out.