Attract Prospective Clients with Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

Marketing your business can be hard, especially when offering an innovative new service or product. Not only are you trying to introduce a new brand, but also you have a challenge of explicitly explaining what you do and how it’s unique from every other similar company in existence. It’s a fact that most people usually have short attention spans. Thus, it is probable that they aren’t going to read through a long presentation or go through ten-page post on a newspaper. The answer to getting a high rating is simple; you should try an explainer video.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is merely a short and fun video, usually of about two to three minutes long that introduces potential customers to your product or company and explains what you exactly do compellingly and entertainingly.

Their duration depends on your topic or how long you want to get your message across. Although it includes a call to action, it’s from a sales pitch or an advertisement. It’s an introduction which is designed to attract potential customers who are interested enough in your company to learn more and possibly eventually convert.

Benefits of using an explainer video

It’s short

Since audiences have short attention spans, you might be surprised at the amount of information you can load into a sixty-second video. More importantly, its short format ensures that you will only focus on the main points. For example your unique location, your value proposition and the problem(s) you can you solve.

It reveals your culture

As a company, your audience doesn’t have a perfect sense of who you are. Through a video, and your favorite characters, images, script, and music, you can efficiently provide a glimpse of your culture and brand thus help your audience to get a better sense your identity.

Video simplifies complex topics

Explainer videos will force you to streamline the complex issues to fit the video format. If your business offers something which is unique and entirely new, an explainer will distill it down to the main points and focus on the customer needs.

They improve chances of going viral

For you to improve your SEO results, a video is the best way to go. YouTube is ranked the best in Google search results, and video is shared more often as compared with other forms of content. Thus by posting your explainer video on YouTube, social media, and your blog, you can increase your reach which is worth for your business.

The power of explainer videos

Explainer videos have been proven to help in increasing conversions by as much as eighty percent. They have exploded the market with their popularity due to their high effectiveness and easy affordability in promoting a business. They are very popular nowadays with companies that experience high traffic with other means of advertisement and people who are trying to reach out their target audience using online promotions. Explainer videos are advantageous in many ways. Always hire expertise in video marketing to make your video for you to get quality work.