Types of Humor in Explainer Videos

Types of Humor in Explainer Videos

Different from an actual video layout where real people can depict light and deep human emotions with the same brilliance, the animated video format can be utilized in imitating genuine human emotions cheerfully and amusingly. This is because both the extended and default attributes of animation when used as a communication method is cheerfulness. Though animated characters in a video could represent human beings, it is impossible to replace humans when it comes to showcasing actual and intense feelings that cause the viewers to feel moved or charged. As a result, animated video-communication method brings humor as it only emotional appeal.

A character animated explainer video when used for communication provides a significant advantage as it allows you to present a visualization of your multifaceted concept using single or more embodied characters.

These characters could represent any imaginable thing because they are hand-drawn by a storyboard artist with an infinite capacity for creating exceptional character representations that are witty and endearing.

Another reason why humor naturally goes well with animated video-communication technique is that it has sound, motion aspects and other creative communication performances such as satire, exaggeration, and parody which trigger amusement. These aspects can be wonderfully used to produce visual humor through the moving characters facial expressions and funny body language.

Humor elements types and their inclusion in an Animated Explainer Video

Loud Humor

This entails the elements of humor that are apparently presented and that could quickly be seen as laughable and funny by the viewers. It is important to note that, sound effects play a vital and helpful role to bring out loud humor in an animated explainer video.

Silent Humor

This is a type of humor that is not so obvious in an animated explainer video. It is displayed through the creation of visual humor elements only. This type of slight humor elements gives your animated video a unique effect. Though the body language and expressions of the characters that display silent humor follow the screenplay, their wittiness depends on the individual nature.

If a character’s humor element is not very clear to every spectator, then the viewer is more engaged as they are interested in interpreting the humor. Thus they pay attention ¡n the video. For viewers to watch your animated explainer video, it must have humor which draws them to watch the video to completion. For that reason, if you are using an animated explainer video as a marketing tool, ensure that it contains some humor elements. It is your mandate to choose the number of humor elements to include as it depends on the type of business entity.